The Little Drummer Girl of Gettysburg

The Little Drummer Girl of Gettysburg is being Introduced on July 1, 2013 at Gettysburg, PA on the 150th Anniversary of that Great Battle. But you can get your copy now!

Abigail died a hero on the blood-soaked fields of Gettysburg,

but was denied a soldier's grave.

 Her spirit roams that battlefield seeking

justice before it is too late.

 Bert, Emma, Ronnie, and Derek, just a bunch of kids on vacation,

risk all to help her get the hero's burial she deserves

before time runs out.





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 Trade Paperback: 103 pages

 Publisher: Nemeleke Publishing

 ISBN-10: 1482753509

 ISBN-13; 978-1482753609

Cost: $9.95

 The Little Drummer Girl of Gettysburg is a novel primarily intended for readers from 8 to
14 years of age, but it is an enjoyable ghost story for
the young at heart of any age.

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