Paranormal PA is the third in the series about otherworldly activity in Pennsylvania. It concentrates on extraodinary events that happen to ordinary, everyday people, just like you.


Pennsylvania’s Haunted Railroads, the fourth in this series, is a mixture of history and hauntings, diesel and steam, following the design, development, and demise of the iron horses during nearly 200 years.

Pennsylvania's Haunted Route 22 and Pennsylvania's Haunted Route 30 are comprehensive spooky road trips along both of those highways, beginning at Point State Park in Pittsburgh and ending at haunted watering holes at the Pennsylvania-New Jersey line.

I love Pennsylvania, its history, its traditions and folklore, and especially its place as one of the most haunted states in the country.
Come on along and enjoy these tributes to its history and haunts. Take a trip on part of the nation's first coast-to-coast highway and rub elbows with long- departed heroes, scalawags, frontiersmen, and ladies-in-white.
Learn about love that endures even after death. Meet a trainman who warns his fellows about danger, even after he himself has already yielded to a hazard of the rails.

And maybe, just maybe you can indulge in a festive game of hide-and-seek with some playful juveniles from beyond t he pale.

The Haunted Pennsylvania Collection

Announcing the latest in my Haunted Pennsylvania Series.

Here you will find Hauntings, Hoaxes, and Folklore galore and how to tell the difference. Along the way you will find out why so many Carnegie Libraries are haunted and learn the truth about the clergyman who is said to have murdered his entire coingregation.

Just Published June, 2021, the sixth in the series!

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night  come from the objects surrounding us.

Find out why spirits attach themselves to ordinary, everyday items, then take a trip across Pennsylvania and  encounter over 50 of these  haunted objects.